Well-behaved Women Never Make History

8 February 1965
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I'm a basic, everyday working woman. I have a kind of unusual job - I manage the food safety (not employee safety) program for a large produce company. That means I make sure the product that goes out our door won't make you sick when you eat it. I live in a very small town. I am divorced from my first husband of 21 years. The last 5 years of our marriage we defined ourselves as polyamorous. I am now in a monogamous relationship and plan to make a life with this partner. I decided to start this journal after "lurking" about on various other folks' journals for quite some time. Some events happened in my life over the last few years that really made me change my opinions on a number of different subjects. I hope to go into some of these things on this journal.

I'm on Facebook. If you really want to find me there, I'm sure you can.

The best way to get to know me is to friend me and read my LJ. It is friend-locked so you have to frand me.

I'm opinionated and sometimes rant. I enjoy seeing comments on my entries. I do use reasonably good grammar and like to see others use it as well. :P

I work. And I think everyone else should too. At something. Doesn't matter what. But please contribute.

I'm not tech-y. This does not make me a bad person. I know enough about computers to do my job and screw around online a bit. I like to read real books and spend time outside and and cook and clean and other things that don't involve a keyboard and monitor. I do admit to becoming an iPhone owner though. It's fun, but I still don't do much more on it than make calls, text, play a couple games and go on Facebook.

I am full-figured, but I don't consider myself "fat", although some would disagree. I am tall, and fit and strong. You want to send me into a full-on rant? Tell me that "skinny" is better. Or that Size 2 is better than Size 16. Anyone who believes that crap can kiss my substantial, lily-white, posterior.

I support conventional, production agriculture. "Organic" food is not safer or more nutritious. We do not have the arable land base on this planet to sustainably support organic agriculture and feed everyone on the planet.

Genetically modified food? Absolutely! Fill my plate. In my opinion, GM food is the only way we're going to feed the 9.5 billion people that will be on this planet by the end of the 21st century.

I love chocolate, but I could give two rips whether it's Godiva or Mars. Not a chockie snob.

I am however, an iced tea snob. It must be fresh brewed and sweetened with sugar. And lemon shall not contaminate it.

I'm an introvert. It's really, really difficult for me to walk into a room full of people I've never met and start talking to someone. I suck at small talk and schmoozing. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. I hate fakeness and to me, this is what schmoozing is. But, once I get to know someone a bit and we find things in common, I'll talk for hours.

I believe a long, soft, deep, wet kiss can make any bad day a good one.

Life is strange, and wonderful and absolutely worth living.